Thermal & Vibration Testing


We use infrared thermography to locate problematic temperature differentials. Conditions that are hotter than would be normally acceptable. This is to assist in carrying out predictive maintenance. This technology notifies you of any potential serious faults. As part of the service we provide you with a very detailed full colour report notifying you of all noticeable hotspots. Each image includes a temperature colour scale, the different colours showing different temperatures across a spectrim or span. The report has a priority section regarding the urgency of a particular problem. We go through these reports with you and all data is kept and compared if a future thermography inspection is required.

Vibration analysis is a way of checking the vibration of bearings and couplings to see if they are starting to fail. Again a detailed report is generated, and we go through these reports with you. This gives an indication to see if any bearings need to be replaced before a major breakdown occurs. Particular bearings may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered so we ensure that you are one step ahead and schedule a bearing replacement and service to the line if required.