Preventative Maintenance



We specialise in preventative maintenance. We can create checklists to cater to your individual company for scheduled services. Wether it be monthly / quarterly / or yearly both mechanical and electrical can be checked. We ensure that you are getting the maximum production out of your assets. These services include greasing of all bearings and points, tightening of nuts and bolts and checking oil levels. Reports are sent back to you notifying you of any concerns or potential major problems, these reports may also suggest improvements. Any work that these reports may generate can then be quoted.

We also promote occupational health and safety as this plays a large part in today's industry. A full risk assesment and hazard identification can be carried out and we make suggestions to aid in keeping your plant legal and minimise the disruption to production, this has been carried out on a number of our customers sites, and is well recieved by any of the work cover authorities we have had the pleasure of working with. The worksafe codes and practices are changing all the time and we ensure that we are kept up to date with this information so that you are kept up to date.

We have also worked with Environmental Protection Authority on behalf of our customers to remove potential problems before they arise.


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Completing an inspection and some of the reports that are generated from these inspections.




After inspecting bearings, water contamination in the oil had started to rust out bearings from excess humidity from the climate where the line was removed in Malaysia. Strip down and rebuild of main recoiler gearbox on a slitting line after it was found at routine inspection of pitting and damage to gears, all gears and bearings were replaced after being sourced out of Korea. This major rebuild was scheduled during their Christmas vacation to maximise production time.